A Day in the Life of a taxi driver

11 02 2009

We have had a couple of social functions since our last update – some of the  pictures are attached for you to look at.  More of these will be on our new website that is in development.

We have been collecting stories from our drivers, so you can see what they deal with on a daily basis.  Some are funny, some are shocking and some are heart warming.  We have three for you to start with, but keep watching for more updates.

Story 1

“I was parked on a taxi rank and a man ran into the side of my cab and then claimed I had run him over.  After some to-ing and fro-ing, we established that I had been parked for over 10 minutes and that the man was looking for a compensation payment.  Needless to say, he didnt get a payout!”

Story 2

“I picked a customer up from Salisbury station one evening and took him to Bemerton Heath.  He paid me with a £50 note and then gave me a VCR/DVD player – claiming he had won the pools and wanted to share his good fortune.  I was obviously over the moon, until I received a visit from the police the next morning.  The man had escaped from a low security prison, burgled his ex-wife, stealing her cash card and VCR/DVD player.  Obviously I returned the ill-gotten gains!”

Story 3

“I was driving from a pub on the Wilton Road to South Newton with two drunk men in the car. One of the men decided he was going to urinate in the footwell of the vehicle.  I stopped the car and asked what he thought he was doing and before I knew it, the passenger in the front seat attacked me, punching me in the face.  I called the police and eventually received compensation. The drunk men got community service for their actions.”

Social Occasions

Below are a couple of pictures from our Christmas Party, held in January and a couple from our archery day held in February.

Value Cars Archery Day Feb 09

Value Cars Archery Day Feb 09




4 responses

31 03 2009

On a Saturday night I got a job to pick up from the Wilton Club to go to the Bell Inn in Wilton!! Bit of a short job I thought, anyway you have to get on with it, picked a chap who had a drop of the old Shakin Stevens legs but still with it and able to walk unaided, dropped him off and went on my way. Some time later I get a call to pick up a chap from the Bell Inn to go to the Royal Oak, I had a feeling of dread as I knew who it was likely to be, and yes it was him again, I spotted him leaning/lurching on the wall of the pub and as I swept by him, noticed that he had developed the thousand yard stare, I swung around to gather him up and pulled up just short of him, he took one step and launched himself like an E boat torpedo across the main road, he crashed into a heap and I quickly realised he was going to be run over, so I parked the mini bus in the road to prevent him getting a new radial ply haircut!

He did a desperate sort of Seig Heil movement with his arm which in no way aided him getting up, he was in a right old condition, and to think he was intending on getting into the Royal Oak!! He was hauled off the road and counted out on the pavement, I went on my way, the show was well and truly over!

30 03 2010
Taxi Salisbury

Oh dear, sounds like an eventful night then?

28 05 2010
Ronny Craft

You have done it once again! Amazing read!

19 09 2010
Chelmsford taxi transfers

Story one, this has happened to me twice !!!

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