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26 11 2008

Thanks for clicking on our blog.  We are very proud that we have come into the 21st Century!  Our plan is to give you stories from the world of taxis. Some will be funny, some will show how difficult it can be to be a taxi driver and some will demonstrate our amazing achievements.

We are developing our website at the moment, but our existing site is still live if you would like to see what we can offer – its a lot more than just a taxi ride! Click here to have a look.

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Eat Out For Less with Value Cars!

2 09 2009
Eat Out For Less with Value Cars!

Eat Out For Less with Value Cars!

As proud supporters of all things local and in an effort to defeat the current financial climate, we have come up with a wizard idea!  We have approached loads of local pubs, hotels and restaurants and asked them to give an EXCLUSIVE discount to our customers.  Nearly 20 businesses have stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and more are interested in joining.  You can read all about it on our website – or we have put the list of participating places, with contact details below.

Also look out for a liveried minibus to be let loose on the streets of Salisbury soon with all of the contact details from each participating place clearly displayed.

We’d love to know what you think – please let us know by commenting below.

How it works.

  1. Book your journey on-line or by phone to the participating pub or restaurant.
  2. Collect a Value Cars Business card from your driver.
  3. Enjoy your meal and the present the business card when you pay for your meal.

Participating pub and restaurants.

  1. The Lamb at Hindon – 25% discount off food between Monday and Thursday (inclusive), lunch or dinner.
    High Street, Hindon, Wiltshire, SP3 6DP. Tel: 01747 820573
  2. Milford Hall Hotel – 15% off the food bill at the Salisbury Seafood and Steakhouse plus 15% off standard rates for accommodation at the Milford Hall Hotel
    206 Castle Street, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 417411
  3. The Black Horse – 10% reduction from total bill.
    Great Durnford, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 782270
  4. Radnor Arms – 10% reduction from total bill.
    Nunton, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 329722
  5. Royal George – 10% discount on the main menu.
    17 Bedwin Street, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 327782
  6. The Cathedral Hotel – 10% discount on the total bill.
    7-9 Milford Street, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 343700
  7. The Angel Inn – 10% of the food bill.
    High Steet, Hindon, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 820696
  8. The Huntsman – Free pool everyday from 12-3pm
    Gigant Street, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 329525
  9. Cedars Salisbury Gold Driving Range – Cheap beer and buy one get one free on a golf pro lesson
    Wilton Road, Salisbury. Tel: 01722 410209
  10.  The Boot Inn at Berwick St. James – 20% off the food bill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, lunch and dinner. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    The High Street, Berwick St James, Wilts, SP3 4TN Tel: 01722 790243
  11.  The Malmesbury Arms – Sunday only. Buy two carvery’s get the third half price.
    83-85 Wilton Rd, Salisbury, SP2 7HW Tel: 01722 500955
  12.  Hox Brasserie – 10% Off the total bill.
    155 Fisherton Street, Salisbury Tel: 01722 341600
  13.  The Lemon Tree – 10% Off the total bill.
    90 Crane Street, Salisbury Tel: 01722 333471
  14.  Alpinos – Mon-Thu, Free a bottle of House Wine when a minimum of 4 people order starters and mains.
    70A New Canal Street, Salisbury Tel: 01722 338932
  15.  Conrans – Salisburys only Irish Bar – Free dessert with every main meal. Tues – Fri only.
    2-4 Salt Lane, Salisbury Tel: 01722 417999
  16.  The Duck Inn – Sunday Only, Buy 1 Carvery Get 2nd Half Price
    Duck Lane, Laverstock, Salisbury Tel: 01722 327678
  17.  The Pelican Inn – Monday night only, 2 Steak dinners for £14 and a quiz between 20:30-22:30
    Warminster Road, Stapleford Tel: 01722 792642
  18.  Salisbury Rugby Club – 20% discount on function room hire.  Tel: 01722 325317
  19.  HHH Total Entertainment – Call Lee for discounts on the best DJ’s for parties and events in Wiltshire! Tel: 07867 544659

A Day in the life of a taxi driver – continued

18 03 2009

We have been chatting to our drivers and asked them for some stories that demonstrate what it means to be a taxi driver.  They have come up with some great ones – that make you glad you aren’t a taxi driver!  We’d love to hear your comments, so do let us know what you think.

Ian told us “I collected a lady from outside Tesco in Salisbury and she asked to go to the ‘centre.’ After some gentle questioning, she suggested we try Roman Road.  Having driven there she decided it wasn’t there and we drove around lots of other streets looking for the centre.  She didn’t know what centre she was looking for or where it was.  In the end, she asked to be taken back to Tesco and given a refund as she didn’t find her centre!”

Guerich told us, “I collected an elderly gentleman and shortly after getting into the car, he stopped breathing.  I managed to get him breathing again and drove straight to Salisbury Hospital.  I then stayed at the hospital until they confirmed that the gentleman was going to be ok.”

Simon told us, “I picked up an elderly lady in a wheelchair and she asked to go to Gold Hill in Shaftesbury (the hill that the Hovis ad was filmed on).  On arrival, I unloaded the wheelechair and got her into it and then pushed her down the hill to the house she said she was going to.  When there was no answer at the house, I asked who she was visiting and she said her mum!  It transpired she actually lived in Gillingham but had lived at this house as a girl.  I then oushed her back up Gold Hill and took her home.”

Guerich told us, “I dropped a lady off at the Milford Hall Hotel.  She had left a wallet in the car with £12000 of jewellery, credit cards and cash in it.  I went back and gave it to her and she rewarded me with £50 as a thank you for my honesty.”

Scott told us, “I collected a very drunk man with a strong Scottish accent, who I had difficulty understanding.  Along the Amesbury Road, I had to stop several times because he thought he was going to be ill.  Eventually he fell asleep on the pavement.  After trying to wake him for ages, I had to call an ambulance to pick him up, as he couldnt be left at the side of a main road in that state.”

David told us, “I have carried several famous people over the years, but in the last few weeks I have had a run on authors – Terry Pratchett and Faye Wheldon!”

Stacey (who works in the office) told us, “It was the first day of my holiday and my cat brought two frogs into the kitchen.  My first call was to the Value Cars office for someone to come round and get the frogs out of the house, but everyone was busy and the other office staff thought the whole situation was hillarious!  It took me two hours and much sweat and tears to eventually get them out!”

Philip told us, ” I had a customer who just likes spending time with Value Cars! On the 4th March at 00.31 I had the job sent to me to collect a customer from the White Hart Hotel and take them to the Kings Arms Hotel next door. I explained to the customer that we could go around the one-way system or he could, if he wished, just walk next door, but he insisted that he would get Value to take him. I did and he got out just a few metres from the start of his journey!”

Richard told us, “I collected a young girl on her own from Witherspoons in Salisbury and was asked to take her to Gillingham.  I had to stop several times for her to be ill on the way.  Eventually she passed out and I took her to the police station who called an ambulance for her.  It worries me that young girls on their own get into a state.”

There will be loads more stories over the coming weeks!

A Day in the Life of a taxi driver

11 02 2009

We have had a couple of social functions since our last update – some of the  pictures are attached for you to look at.  More of these will be on our new website that is in development.

We have been collecting stories from our drivers, so you can see what they deal with on a daily basis.  Some are funny, some are shocking and some are heart warming.  We have three for you to start with, but keep watching for more updates.

Story 1

“I was parked on a taxi rank and a man ran into the side of my cab and then claimed I had run him over.  After some to-ing and fro-ing, we established that I had been parked for over 10 minutes and that the man was looking for a compensation payment.  Needless to say, he didnt get a payout!”

Story 2

“I picked a customer up from Salisbury station one evening and took him to Bemerton Heath.  He paid me with a £50 note and then gave me a VCR/DVD player – claiming he had won the pools and wanted to share his good fortune.  I was obviously over the moon, until I received a visit from the police the next morning.  The man had escaped from a low security prison, burgled his ex-wife, stealing her cash card and VCR/DVD player.  Obviously I returned the ill-gotten gains!”

Story 3

“I was driving from a pub on the Wilton Road to South Newton with two drunk men in the car. One of the men decided he was going to urinate in the footwell of the vehicle.  I stopped the car and asked what he thought he was doing and before I knew it, the passenger in the front seat attacked me, punching me in the face.  I called the police and eventually received compensation. The drunk men got community service for their actions.”

Social Occasions

Below are a couple of pictures from our Christmas Party, held in January and a couple from our archery day held in February.

Value Cars Archery Day Feb 09

Value Cars Archery Day Feb 09